2015… A year that will be rich in encounters and events in Villandry! After opening the Sun Garden to the public in June 2008 and three new rooms in the castle between 2006 and 2007, the Château de Villandry is focusing its attention on the welcome of visitors and on being a quality venue. As a matter of fact, at the end of 2009 the site was awarded the “Label Qualité Tourisme” (Quality Tourism Classification) by the Ministry of Tourism, thus recognising its activities in terms of its upkeep and enhancement, as well the tradition of welcome that has been firmly established in Villandry for almost one hundred years. This year again visitors will be to take advantage of the castle which has been entirely restored and furnished, as well as 4 exhibitions, 4 events about gardens and 2 exceptionnal events… Above all, visitors will be able to admire the outstanding beauty of the gardens. The vegetable garden in particular is gradually becoming organic: hoeing, digging, beneficial insects, etc. are back in favour, resulting in the reduction of the use of phytosanitary treatments. It is a turning point as well as a challenge, thus ensuring the continuation of Villandry as an impressive, welcoming and outstanding site!