1 june to 30 september : “Sculpture exhibition” (Exposition de sculptures) in the sun garden

Born in Paris, Roseline Granet was eighteen years old when she set off for New York in 1954. She enrolled in the Art Students League, where she studied drawing and painting. There she passionately explored all the riches of the American collections.

On her return to Paris, she turned towards sculpture and frequented the Zadkine studio, at La Grande Chaumière art school. She also met Sam Szafran and then the sculptor Jacques Delahaye, who encouraged her to set up the Fonderie Clementi. She still speaks of this period with emotion: years of excitement, friendship and discovery, followed by setting up the Fonderie Clémenti along with Jacques Delahaye in Meudon in 1960. All of her work therefore developed alongside the foundry, in close relation with it. Since this date, she has worked in the same studio, where pieces from almost sixty years of creative output rub shoulders.

Roseline Granet loves the enthusiasm and fervour that she experiences when working. She is constantly changing scale and material, ranging from plaster to earth through wax. “My approach is always the same. I try to draw closer to a very old memory that I feel lives inside me, and my sculptures are like those markers that you position in architecture to find out if something has moved. For me, sculpture is a way of staying in touch with my feelings, of listening to the irrational.”

From 1 June to 30 September, the sun garden will welcome four of her sculptures, which can be admired by visitors as they walk around the gardens.


Photo credits Roseline Granet