30 september to 12 november : “Behind the gates” (Derrière les grilles)

An engineer by training and a largely self-taught artist, Patrick Fuvel has carried out many different jobs without ever stopping painting and drawing. His paintings particularly address the question of appearance and the different planes and levels of perception that make it up and are behind the feeling of wonder.

After exploring the kinetics of light in the eighties, he is now tackling the question of illusion through a post-realist approach, creating three-dimensional tableaux. The artist showcases relief, parallax and occultation effects through railings, toile fabrics and reserves.He is driven by a sense of wonder. His aim is to capture and convey this feeling.

Following exhibitions over the past few years in France, Switzerland and Belgium, Patrick Fuvel is presenting his work in the château’s exhibition gallery during autumn 2017.

As he likes to explain, “I let myself be guided by the desire to share the feelings of wonder that overwhelm us as we turn down a path, at the corner of a stone gallery, in the escapement of a mullioned window, etc.
In this Villandry estate, everything encourages us to engage in subtle reverie. Here, the elegance of the Renaissance creations seems to have been disseminated over time. But that’s not all, because we also feel – and this is key – the beautiful presence of life. This life, conveyed by the exuberant discipline of the gardens, which through tender care are renewed day by day, from one season to the next, and are like an invitation to endless revival.I came to Villandry as a child. It was one of my mother’s favourite places. She loved the Loire Valley, the Renaissance, and botany even more. What a huge influence on a child’s emotions!  The châteaux of our childhood and their improbable vegetable gardens are now past; fragments of memory remain behind the railings of time.
This exhibition is a tribute to this wonderful setting and those people who devoted their lives to designing and building it, then in restoring it, and above all, those who bring it to life today with love, and offer to share it with us.”

For this exhibition, Patrick Fuvel has created a series on the theme of Villandry, to which he has added some of his other paintings, which all address the question of appearance, the different planes and levels of perception and desire. We will find themes that he holds dear: fractal seas and trees, celebrities with inscrutable expressions, associations of ideas and iconic – even invasive – images, unreservedly using certain codes of pop art and kinetic art.


Photo credits Patrick Fuvel