Joachim Carvallo’s bedroom


A doctor of Spanish descent, Joachim Carvallo saved Villandry from destruction when he bought it in 1906. The restoration work and creation of the gardens encapsulate his personality. His devotion to restoring the château to its Renaissance glory exemplifies his scientific approach and interest in architecture. His love of art – particularly Spanish paintings, which he collected – is clear from the gallery of paintings. As for the gardens, they are a reproduction of ancient gardens that blend architecture, painting and science, but they also represent Joachim Carvallo’s piety. This is particularly noticeable in the maze and rose bushes of the Kitchen Garden, symbolic of a monk taking care of his garden.
Joachim Carvallo’s bedroom, with its understated décor, is a reflection of its former owner. It has a magnificent view of the Ornamental Gardens and the Kitchen Garden.