from 30 November 2024 to 5 January 2025

At Christmas, Nature comes into the château!

In the heart of the gardens, the Château de Villandry invites children and adults alike to spend Christmas in a family home with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. While each room is filled with a festive ambiance, nature comes into the château itself. From the dining room to the bedrooms, as well as the kitchen where the Christmas festivities are prepared, it filters through the walls of the château in an extension of the gardens that give Villandry its unique aura.

Reindeer, fawns, owls and squirrels…in the plant decorations designed for this occasion in the château, the inhabitants are waiting for you to celebrate Christmas!

From the windows, you can admire the gardens, which have also put on their winter attire: mosaics of ornamental cabbages and leeks, box tree lacework and the outlines of yew tree topiary, and long avenues of sleepy lime trees that promise enchanting winter strolls.

Usuals rates. Without reservation.
The château and the gardens will be closed to visitors on Wednesday December 25, 2024.

Villandry is participating in the “Christmas in the Land of Castles” operation to help you experience the magic of Christmas in Touraine alongside six unmissable castles! All information here 

la nature s'invite au chateau