1 june to 30 september : “Sculpture exhibition” (Exposition de sculptures) in the sun garden

Where do we get this feeling that the figures sculpted by Marine de Soos are suspended? And that with them the course of time is suspended in its inexorable trajectory? Her figures unintentionally order us to stop.  Strangely, we can only obey. They do so with such gentleness in their gestures, which nonetheless are not addressed to us… They are entirely absorbed in what they are doing, even if they are doing nothing. On crossing their path, our gaze rests on them and on us.  And all this seems self-evident. Looking at them is a bit like meditating. Marine de Soos makes her sculptures do for us what nature has always done for her. Bring meaning and gentleness when the absurd and the brutal get the upper hand. Her sculptures restore us to our most archaic selves.  It is for this reason that – despite appearances, despite their Asian or African features – her figures do not come from elsewhere or from another country, but rather from the most intimate country – our own, the one of which we are made and that cannot be mapped. “I’m from my childhood like I’m from a country,” Saint Exupéry said.

Almost everywhere, a line, sometimes more, runs through the figure. They tell us, as do the arrows traced outwards, that sculpture is an expanding form, a sort of miniature world.  Movement, again and again, that will extend the radiant pathways of the Sun garden all summer long.

For more information about the artist : http://www.marinedesoos.com


Photo credits Marine de Soos
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