2 june to 2 september : “From renaissance to renewal” (De Renaissance à renouveau)

Every spring is a rebirth, every renewal needs roots and seeds to flourish. The Renaissance period understood this only too well, turning to the arts and myths of Antiquity to fuel its own renewal.

The splendour of forms and the delicacy of colours unfolded like spring in this still fertile ground. To express the sweetness of life and its worries, painters adopted and continue to adopt eternal themes. They continue to express the same expectation among the vagaries of the human condition, the same hope of continuity and eternal return, the same faith in the power of spring.

Jean-Yves Bourgain, a painter first and foremost but also involved in the heritage sphere through his scientific expertise and the conservation of wall paintings, draws his sources of inspiration from his culture. When he revisits the themes and motifs from Antiquity or the Renaissance, he seeks to reconcile a contemporary pictorial technique with our artistic heritage, recreating a harmony of colours and forms to offer a contemplation that escapes the everyday.

Jean-Yves Bourgain, Ariane endormie
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