From 1st april to 2 june 2019 : Henri Peyre and Catherine Auguste

“We create new vintage still life masterpieces. The twist? They’re photographs…”

Photos or paintings? Newly created and in perfect condition, the works of Henri Peyre and Catherine Auguste look like old masterpieces. But none of them are copies of old works. Every composition is original and has never previously existed. Beyond this innovation, their works raise the major questions of still life masterpieces, showing only objects and revealing very little. But in reality they are about man, whose presence is everywhere. They show objects in disorder.

But if you look closely, does it not begin to seem like disorder is always a part of a superior order that opposes it, that of composition? Depending on where you’re looking from, can you not see the small amount of disorder begin to transform into good order? Still life works aren’t meant to be sacred objects. But is the absence they describe only that of man? Don’t still lifes describe only his disappearance, and the force of reality once man is uninhabited and left to himself?

Exhibition included in the château’s entrance fee

Crédit photos Henri Peyre et Catherine Auguste

Crédit photos Henri Peyre et Catherine Auguste

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