The dining room

The dining room is equipped with a fixed table and is a very modern room for the 18th century. Until halfway through the century, a trestle table was erected when the huntsmen returned. But the need for comfort and privacy gradually led to each room having a specific purpose, and as far as the dining room was concerned, a permanent table was required.
The dining room at the Château de Villandry boasts gleaming salmon pink panelling and a fountain, which serve as a reminder of the Provençal origins of the Marquis de Castellane who owned the estate in the 18th century. They are also testament to the taste of the owner, who made many major changes to both the château and the gardens.
The marble floor is typical of a thoroughfare room, with parquet being reserved for private areas.
The dining room at the Château de Villandry has been classed as a Historical Monument since 1934, as has the main staircase.

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