From June to September 2022

Ladies and birds in Villandry
Roger and Jacotte Capron

Celebrated ceramicist Roger Capron (1922-2006) dedicated his twilight years to sculpture in the round. Anyone who dreams of greatness has to break away from the limitations of ceramics. Reproducing his works in concrete allows his friend Reinhol Harsch to triple their dimensions. With the help of Jacotte Capron, the artist’s wife and colourist, incredible monumental sculptures in bright colours are brought to life. The fruit of a wonderful friendship and strong bond, these creations light up the spaces that house them. What could be better for the Sun Garden, which this summer will welcome four works whose wings echo both the celestial symbolism of this garden and its diverse bird life.

Exhibition organised with Le Jardin des Amoureux and JR Capron – Harsch Edition

Exhibition of Sculpture, Roger and Jacotte Capron