From 31 May to 31 October

The Demeure Historique, 1924-2024

100 years of passion, innovation, transmission

in partnership with the Demeure Historique
co-curated by Alix de Vienne and the Demeure Historique

A passionate visionary, Joachim Carvallo founded the Demeure Historique in 1924, uniting many owners of private monuments and raising their awareness about the challenges of safeguarding historic architectural heritage. A century later, this association brings together 3,000 owner-managers of private historic monuments and gardens. As a key contact for the public authorities, today the Demeure Historique works alongside thousands of enthusiasts, providing legal and technical support to ensure the conservation, management and transmission of this unique heritage that welcomes more than 9 million visitors each year.

«Passion and innovation are central to transmission. Generational transmission of course, but also transmission to all audiences. The strength of the Demeure Historique lies in its ability to support, represent and showcase the energy of the women and men who fight for these places of living and sharing.»
Olivier de Lorgeril, President of the Demeure Historique

Through this exhibition, discover the history of the Demeure Historique, from its creation to the present day, and learn all about the current and future challenges involved in the preservation and promotion of heritage.

To discover during the visit of the château. 


100 ans Demeure Historique - Photo David Darrault