From August to October

Villandry, garden of Magic
Frédéric Paillet

In a world where photography is just a click away and synonymous with instantaneousness, Frédéric Paillet takes the time to observe the remarkable, to tame it, to capture it and then better reveal and share it. Having explored the smallest corners of the gardens and all the rooms of the chateau for years, he has yet to tire of it. A tireless worker, he sees, he composes, he imagines, he tries, he composes, he recomposes, and always comes back.

At Villandry, the Remarkable reigns. None who venture there can remain indifferent, whether they experience it for a fraction of a second or are captivated by it for hours. Sublimated by the hand of man, it emanates from a nature that expresses itself and harmonises with the architecture. The whole forms a work of art that changes with the seasons and the hours of the day. Frédéric Paillet knows this. It is not uncommon to come across him in Villandry, camera in hand, letting himself be inspired by a detail, a light, a contrast. But you can be sure that he will return the next day, there are places where the magic does not exhaust you and where the inspiration does not leave you…

Starting in August, this artist invites visitors to take another look at the Villandry, to escape for a moment and enter with him into the world of the Remarkable.

Gardens of Love by candlelight, Château de Villandry ©Frédéric Paillet