Château & Gardens

Virtual Tour of the Gardens

To explore the gardens of Villandry is to explore the stylistic library of French garden art, from the mediaeval garden to the Renaissance garden, the garden “à la française” to contemporary garden design.

The gardens have been redesigned by Joachim Carvallo, who, having restored the Renaissance-style château to its former glory, is implementing his plan to give it a spectacular green setting. Seven gardens, organised according to the classification established by Joachim himself – kitchen garden and orchard, ornamental garden and water garden – have been born out of this monumental enterprise: the Ornamental Kitchen Garden, the Love Garden and the Garden of the Crosses, the Music Room, the Herb Garden, the Maze, the Sun Garden and the Water Garden.

Step by step throughout your visit, immersed in nature that has been raised to the peak of perfection, you will discover an ephemeral painting that changes with the hours, the weather and the seasons. The effervescence of life is a never-ending spectacle: the emergence of the first spring buds, the buzzing of the bee, the blooming of a rose, the running water, the swan carried along on the current, the gardeners hoeing or pruning the topiary…

Villandry is one of the few gardens open to the public all year round.