Virtual tour of the gardens

The Ornamental Garden – Second Salon

The second salon of the Ornamental Garden is located on the same terrace level as its counterpart, the Ornamental first salon. It is an intimate green cloister also known as the “music room”, due to the patterns of its beds.

The ornamental garden vegetation develops a palette of purples and blues.

The ornamental garden, 2nd room, with its flowerbeds on the theme of music.

The ornamental garden, 2nd room, seen from the sky.


The Music Room or the harmony of the senses

The Ornamental Garden – Second Salon, also known as the “music room”, was created on the intermediate terrace, the same level as the château’s drawing room, study, dining room and kitchen. As such, it is designed as an open extension of the ground floor rooms. The Herb Garden continues on from this and, below it, the Ornamental Kitchen Garden. It is part of an ensemble, “the Ornamental Garden”, divided in two by the canal that separates the Music Room from the Love and Crosses salons.

The two salons of the Ornamental Garden have been built to mirror one another. While the Love and Crosses salons are truly dazzling, the Music Room has the mellow atmosphere of an evening concerto. While the motifs of the beds in the Love and Cross salons, like the fountains, are round, those of the Music Room are rectilinear.

Like its alter ego, the design of the Music Room is inspired by botanical Renaissance carpets. Here, the green of the box harmonises with the very soft palette of flowers, ranging from blue to purple. The patterns made with large triangles represent lyres, with harps next to them. Topiary completes the decorative planting, with candelabra-pruned yews brightening the musical score.

The music room truly awakens the ears.. Visitors are transported by the musical quality of the fountains, in harmony with the birdsong and the gentle breeze.

The belvedere in the Wood overlooking the gardens is the ideal viewpoint from which to contemplate the richness of the embroidery motifs, known as broderies.

Botanical composition of the Ornamental Garden – Second Salon

2,000 m2 of box

For the compartments:

  • 1,300 lavender plants
  • perovskia
  • 600 Gaura “siskiyou pink”
  • 300 Gaura “linderheimeri white/pink”

For the friezes at the edge of the beds:

  • 140 Gaura lindheimeri white/pink
  • 360 Persicaria amplexicaulis golden arrow
  • 140 Salvia uliginosa