VIrtual tour of the gardens

The Ornamental Garden – Second Salon

Designed as an extension of the salons of the Chateau of Villandry, the Ornamental Garden is laid out over the second terrace, between the Kitchen Garden and the Water Garden. A channel divides the Ornamental Garden into two salons of greenery, known as the First Salon and Second Salon. The Renaissance design of this part of the gardens of Villandry is the result of a collaboration between the Sevillian artist Lozano and the painter and landscape architect Javier de Winthuysen for the First Salon, while the Second Salon was designed by Joachim Carvallo. The designs of the parterres of these salons clearly evoke the Andalusian style.

The ornamental garden, 2nd room: music room

The ornamental garden, 2nd room, with its flowerbeds on the theme of music.

The ornamental garden vegetation develops a palette of purples and blues.

The ornamental garden, 2nd room, seen from the sky.


The Second Salon of box uses symbolism to evoke music. The large triangles represent lyres, alongside which are harps. Topiaries complete the scene. Here, yews clipped in the shape of candelabras illuminate the sheet music.

The belvedere in the Wood overlooking the gardens is the ideal viewpoint from which to contemplate the richness of the embroidery motifs, known as broderies.