VIrtual tour of the gardens

The Wood

Situated above the level of the gardens, the wood covers a walled area of approximately three hectares. It is a pleasant place to stroll and offers a very different view of the gardens, looking down on them through plant cover. At Villandry, the wood highlights more than anywhere else the contrast between untamed nature and the ultimate domesticated setting of the gardens. In 2003, it was embellished with a wooden belvedere, which is reached by a steep but charming path, under the cover of tall trees.

From the wood, visitors can observe the entire garden and see the village of Villandry with its 12th century Romanesque church.

A breakthrough in the foliage reveals the garden. From here, the view is breathtaking on the music room.

The woods are a haven of greenery for the Villandry estate. It covers the hillside.