The main staircase

The upper floors were reached by an external octagonal staircase located in the main courtyard, as was often the case in Renaissance buildings When the Marquis de Castellane carried out major structural changes in the 18th century, the external staircase was removed. All floors can now be reached by an internal staircase.
The main staircase is a work of great subtlety that plays with the contrast between the whiteness of the majestic flight of Tuffeau stone steps and the scrolls of the forged iron banister that are dark in colour but extremely delicate.
Observant visitors will notice the interlacing initials of the Marquis de Castellane on the landings.
The main staircase has been classed as a Historical Monument since 1934, as has the dining room.

The sculpted ceiling of the main staircase dates from the 18th century, like the staircase.

The initials of the Marquis Michel-Ange de Castellane is present at each level.

The ironwork of the railing is of great delicacy.

The elegance of the staircase lies in the combination of white stone and dark railing.