The keep

The keep, complete with the crenels and merlons typical of defensive structures from the Middle Ages, is the only Mediaeval element left. It serves as a reminder that Villandry was a fortress before the dramatic changes it underwent following its acquisition by Jean Le Breton in the 16th century.
Numerous openings were pierced into the keep in the 18th century, and were subsequently filled as part of Joachim Carvallo’s major project to restore Villandry to its Renaissance splendour.
This tower affords a panoramic view of the gardens and beyond to the valley through which the Cher and Loire rivers flow on their parallel courses for almost fifteen kilometres. This extraordinary landscape is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The keep bears witness to medieval Villandry

The keep has retained its medieval stone spiral staircase.

From the platform of the dungeon, the view is breathtaking over the ornamental garden, first salon.